2 de dez. de 2010

My news from Brazil to the GWU Community...

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My news from Brazil to the GWU Community...

After receiving my Doctorate in Education in 1998, I returned to Brazil where I have been working using the experience acquired during my years at the Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD), The George Washington University (1992-1998). Those were precious formative years that I treasure.

My area of expertise is law enforcement. I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Brazilian Federal District Police (1976-98). Since my return to Brazil, I have been involved in law enforcement education and training, while researching and teaching on the subject of "Crime Analysis" and "Law Enforcement Intelligence". Those two subjects are very closely related. They are a by-product of the functioning of thousands of American law enforcement organizations as well as hundreds of criminal justice academic programs and corresponding research in the United States.

My American experience on democratic values and civil rights has helped me value and modernize police activity based on the knowledge and power of current law enforcement technologies. Brazil has yet to have a Criminal Justice university training and I have been working on introducing the discipline to Brazilian scholars for the last few years.

At this point in time I am devolping venues for educational cooperation between Brazil and the U.S with the ultimate goal of helping to prepare the national law enforcement community for two main international events that will take place in Brazil - the FIFA Soccer World Cup (2014) and the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games

I am Vice-President of the Brazilian Chapter of the "International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts" (IALEIA), as well as the President of the "Brazilian Institute of Crime Intelligence" (INTECRIM). I hope to secure American partners for my current initiatives, as well as to maintain close ties with the U.S. law enforcement and academic communities.

(George Felipe de Lima Dantas, Ed.D. -- delimadantas@gmail.com)

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