21 de jan. de 2010

Número de Desaparecidos no Terremoto do Haiti por País

Fonte: http://www.ubalert.com/a/14193

Antigua and Barbuda: two missing.
Argentina: one dead.
Austria: one dead.
Belgium: one dead and one missing.
Brazil: 20 dead and two missing.
Britain: one dead.
Canada: 13 killed and 543 unaccounted for.
Chile: one dead and one missing.
China: eight dead.
Colombia: four missing.
Costa Rica: two missing.
Dominican Republic: 24 dead and 24 missing.
El Salvador: two missing.
France: 17 dead and 16 missing.
Germany: one killed, two missing and feared dead, seven unnacounted for.
Italy: two killed, two missing and feared dead, two unaccounted for.
Jordan: three killed, 23 injured, all from international peacekeeping force.
Kenya: one dead and two missing
Mexico: one killed and 58 missing
Netherlands: seven dead and three missing.
Peru: one dead.
Philippines: three killed, including one U.N. staffer and two peacekeepers; three missing.
Poland: four missing.
Spain: three killed and nine unaccounted for.
Tunisia: one dead (head of U.N. mission Hedi Annabi)
United States: 28 killed, one a U.S. government employee; two missing. About 45,000 Americans are in the country.
Uruguay: one killed and two missing
United Nations: 46 U.N. personnel confirmed dead, 318 others missing.
European Union delegation: three missing.

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